A well job done. I was very pleased with the work, it was done very quickly with quality. very quick and very neat! I would definitely recommend them for further projects


Staten Island, NY [Stone & Stucco Job]

I had a cement job done for my home which was poorly done. When we went to get another job done we looked for the best quality and chose Karapanjos Construction. We were extremely happy with their work, they were happy, hardworking, and very family minded. Ethan went out of his way to make everything happen the right way. We had them do three major home contracts, and would absolutely recommend them for further work

John Lauria

Staten Island, NY [Pavers & Concrete job]

Karapanjos Construction was very professional and easy to work with. They got our job done on time and within our budget. I would recommend them for your future jobs


Staten Island, NY [Front step job]

Karapanjos construction was very reasonable and easy to work with. Overall they were very and neat and we were very pleased with their work. We loved their work so much they did multiple jobs for us.I would encourage anyone looking into Karapanjos to work with them Really nice and great experience. 

Staten Island, NY [Fixed Appliances & Concrete]

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